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Student Reviews 

"Garrett creates motivated learning. He not only teaches music theory and technical ability, he instills skills for live performances.  He often accompanies his students on drums, keyboard, bass or guitar. The confidence and self awareness of playing with other skilled musicians brings the very best out in a students performance. Garrett is not just a music teacher, he is a mentor to his students."

-Kurt E.

"...Musical knowledge, teaching abilities, attention to details, and professionalism. His ability to engage with children, get them excited with the lesson plan, and develop their musical abilities, is truly remarkable!"

-Don P.

"5 stars and 2 thumbs way up!"

-Annika C.

"I am delighted with the holistic approach Garrett takes in his teaching, especially with the way he often turns a lesson into a "jam," which I have no doubt is the inspiration behind my son's eagerness to practice. 5 stars +"

-Stacy C.

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